EPDF Holds the Founding Meeting of the Council of Jordan's Future Vision in 2021

AMMAN --- April 30, 2014 --- The founding meeting of the "Council of Jordans Future Vision in 2021" was hosted by the Economic Policy Development Forum (EPDF) at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum with the attendance and participation of high ranking officials, economists, and businessmen.

Chairman of the Forum, HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh extended his gratitude to the attendees for their contribution in the formulation of a comprehensive vision for Jordans Future in 2021 and in drafting principles and policies aiming at materializing the vision that includes all sectors, policies, and priorities.

 The meeting was enriched by debates and interventions by the attendees who agreed on the following:

  1. HE Dr. Jawad Anani, was nominated as Vice-Chairman of the Council.
  2. HE Mr. Hasan Abu Nemeh, was nominated as Coordinator.
  3. To entrust the Forum’s Support team consisting of Dr. Qays Khalafat, Dr. Rasha Al Dayat, Mr. Talal Al Awadi, Ms. Nouwar Abdul Majeed to work under the supervision of the Vice-Chairman of the Council.
  4. To hold a monthly meeting to complete the formulation of the vision and present it to HM King Abdullah II on January 31, 2015, once completed.
  5. To prepare an initial paper summarizing what was agreed upon in the founding meeting to be discussed in the meeting scheduled on 13/5/2014.
  6. To adopt the following methodology in preparing the vision:
    1. Define the vision’s components and goals.
    2. Define the vision’s priorities.
    3. Propose policies to achieve the vision.
    4. Establish indicators to measure the vision.

It is worth mentioning that in the wake of a discussion session about the national economy, the EPDF called for forming a council to draft a vision for Jordans desired future in the hundredth anniversary of Jordan in 2021 and to present it to HM King Abdullah II, covering the following principles:

  1. Available energy at reasonable cost and with different solutions.
  2. Knowledge – based national economy that facilitates e-commerce, mainly in the services field.
  3. Balanced budget free of any deficit or loans through productivity, rational spending, and wise financial management.
  4. Knowledge – based system with outputs meeting the international competitive market needs.
  5. Smart government managements that provide optimum credible service for citizens.
  6. A law for all that applies to all in terms of regulations and enforcement.
  7. A productive creative community creating wealth through knowledge and consumes from its production.
  8. A state of credible institutions and good citizens.
  9. A government that serves and caters for its citizens, and gains their trust.
  10. A community that functions at its full capacity mobilizing the potential of youth and women.
  11. A homeland with equal development and welfare for all its regions.

Sustainable security and tranquility for all under the umbrella of the homeland and the King.